Architecture of a memory lost is a site specific installation that was created for Call & Response, a show at Wave Hill's Glyndor Gallery celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wave Hill’s Sunroom Project Space.

Considering the unique architecture and history of Wave Hill, I chose to create a work that literally inserted itself, and an impression of my body into the space. Molds of my body were cast in a soft foam and then installed directly into the wall. The resulting work showed the negative space of where a body had once been. The piece also included a performative aspect wherein I muscled my way around the permitter of the room attempting to find the unique space made exactly for my body. These works were a reaction to the death of a close friend who fell and passed away in a flowerbed. I imagined the imprint of this form as the last physical memory of his corporal body. In a few iterations I have attempted to capture the sliver of embedded space or insert myself directly into similar void. I hope to make more work that explores these themes in the future.