My work reinterprets elements from the human form, animals, inanimate objects, and synthetic materials. Using cast replications or constructed likenesses of the body in conjunction with other relatable objects and materials, I am able to manipulate the appearance or context of the human. I make reference to conditions such as scale, space, and environment to create surreal and detached archetypes of the body. My sculptures and installations range from fictionalized or hypothetical versions of the human form to manipulated prosthesis. The works allude to mythology, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and children's stories in an effort to connect with the adult viewers' unconscious manifestations of those classic narratives. Seemingly floating, climbing up walls and floors, confronting the viewer, or interacting through digital media—these works appear to exist in an abject and bizarre alternate universe somewhere between birth and collapse.

I use a combination of synthetic and natural materials in the creation of the work. By employing a wide range of media such as fur, hair, yarn, resin, plaster, silicone, cardboard, latex, and digital animation in nontraditional ways, I am able to create work that challenges the viewers understanding of their own form. As the basis of the sculptures and installations already exist in the realm of simulacra, the layered elements deconstruct the work further, separating the viewers even more from the actual reality of the original objects. The work bears the appearance of anthropomorphic objects through sculptural assemblage; this ultimately breeds feelings of familiarity and instability. My sculptures and installations exist as a reflection of the human form, the will of the individual human being, and the manifestation of emotion through the corporeal.